News We Loved This Week

Ig Nobel Prize goes to goat. A man who lived as a goat for three days in the Alps hopped away with this year’s Ig Nobel Prize given for the most useless science. Personality of rocks and the view of the world from your legs were among other studied topics. BBC.

From charcoal to words. A 2,000-year-old charred scroll discovered by the Dead Sea revealed its words thanks to virtual unwrapping. The tools used will become open-sourced software next year. LA Times.

Rise of women in tech.  Leading universities are awarding a large percentage of tech degrees to women and companies make serious commitments to educating future computer scientists. It’s not about sex. It’s about access. SiliconeAngle.

Water bears against X-rays. Microscopic water bears, known for withstanding extremes, apparently have another superpower – a protective protein that provides resistance to damaging X-rays. For the first time researchers were able to transfer that resistance to humans. Nature.

ITMO U in THE rankings. For the first time, our alma mater placed in the Times Higher Education ranking (351 – 400) and third in Russia. All our hard work is paying off!

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