Five Things We Loved Last Week

New iPhone 7. Apple launched a pair of its newest cellphones with new software, faster better cameras, sleek design and no phone jacks. In a secret features, it appears that iPhone 7 Plus has 50 percent more RAM than iPhone 7, giving it significant performance advantage. Forbes

Space Opera. Composer Paola Prestini collaborated with astrophysicist Mario Livio, who’d worked at Hubble Space Telescope, on a scape opera to celebrate the instrument’s 25th anniversary. The Hubble Cantata debuted this August in New York, featuring the Met Opera stars and a 3D virtual reality show. Nature

Dark Milky Way. No, not a new chocolate bar. An international team of astronomers discovered a massive galaxy that consists almost entirely of dark matter. Science Daily.

Carbon transistors.  University of Wisconsin-Madison materials engineers have created carbon nanotube transistors that achieve current almost twice higher than state-of-the-art silicon transistors. Science Advances

Mozart Effect. A mistakenly reported study that classic music can boost children’s IQ has made every parent who didn’t play Mozart to their baby feel like a horrible monster and spawned an entire industry of classical music products for babies. Turns out that what does make a difference is “jamming” with your child, which benefits numeracy, attention and prosocial skills. Hello Adele! Curious.

Photo courtesy of Curious.