SafeNet to Control Cyber Systems

The new project is a part on the National Technology Initiative, which aims to predict what challenges will be relevant in 10-15 years. The Initiatives` strategy developed concepts of new markets focused on safety, high living standards and tech development. SafeNet is one of them – it was initiated to improve domestic security systems for information and cyber technologies by 2035.

According to Valentin Makarov, Head of RUSSOFT Association, new technologies will be applied for self-driving vehicles, power industry as well as health monitoring systems that are used while people are in danger. New security systems will prevent and struggle with cybercrimes, cataclysms and technological accidents.

The idea of new security concept includes three rules. The first one is that security activity should prevent accidents as opposed to provide disaster remediation. It is necessary to develop safe scenarios and predict all possible risks. This rule can be based on Big Data and Internet of Things. The second rule is that defense mechanisms have to be integrated. Nobody have to pay for them as for an extra service. The third rule is to provide customer-oriented safety systems.

All these rules will be used as basic principles of a new cyber physical systems` infrastructure, which will become global. The speaker noted that currently it is planned to develop Russian companies so as to cover about 10% of the world`s security market with them. Executive Team developed Top segments such as special oriented devices, applied systems and also safe data transfer systems. Each segment will be created by Russian and international companies taking part in Executive Team. There are Speech Technology Center, ITMO U, Kaspersky Lab, Informzaschita Group of Companies, Rostelecom, NEO, Research and Testing Centre for Integrated Safety and Security and others. The collaboration of companies that develop different fields provides fast growth.

“The project is obviously developed by its` main members but we are also open for startups. We will welcome those who understand market processes and have their own ideas,” said Mr. Makarov.

First of all the Project will launch core projects such as engineering center for prototyping based on ITMO U and St. Petersburg Fablab`s facilities. It is also planned to develop a platform for saving, control and transfer of biometric data.