ITMO University Blog is the Best in IT-Education in Habrahabr

ITMO University registered its blog in Habr last October, and became one of few Russian universities, which blogs regularly on the popular resource. The first post was dedicated to quantum communications and creation of the first quantum net in Russia by our University’s staff. This was followed by articles about Machinery Education and Robotics, programmers and the digests of the most interesting articles by our researchers. The articles gather up to 43,000 viewings, while the article telling how the students become cool programmers made it to the top of the most widely read publications for the day.

“Thematic Media” company (TM company) has awarded ITMO University blog the prize for being the best corporate blog in the sphere of “IT-Education”. A blog of Mail.Ru Group was awarded the same prize.

“TM” company has also awarded diplomas to the blogs of such companies like Yandex, 2GIS, Microsoft, Intel, Asus, Lenovo, ASUS, M-Video, and other significant IT drivers companies. In fact, ITMO University is the only university in the winners list.

Furtheremore, Habrahabr published rankings of corporate blogs, based on their popularity among the users. At the moment, Mail.Ru Group is the all-round leader. In light of the tenth anniversary of the site “TM” company has published articles concerning corporate blogs development in Habr, and formation history of the one of most reputable resources for geeks.