ITMO Student Made It to the Top-10 Coders of Google Code Jam

What is the difference between  Google Code Jam to I/O for Women and other programming contests?

Google Code Jam for Women is a typical competition including four or five tasks that have to be solved during two hours and a half. The participant who has solved all of them faster than others become winners. In 2015 when the contest was launched Russian contenders were not very active. This year it was more popular. I solved all tasks during two hours and 11 minutes and then took 9th place. Anna Nikiforovskaya, a school student who train under the leadership of Andrey Stankevich, placed fourth. Other winners and  I will take part in Google I/O conference in Mountain View, California in may.


Why did you decide to become a programmer?

When a secondary school pupil I learnt about programming language Pascal and decided to be a coder. Since that I`ve never changed my mind. I started taking part in school competitions, I enjoyed to be ahead of boys who previously had shown better results. After graduation from high school I chose between ITMO University and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and  finally entered to the first one. To tell the truth I have never regretted! At ITMO University I met wonderful lecturers, attended interesting classes and got acquainted with talented students!


Are there any training centers for young programmers who want to upgrade their coding skills and learn something new about information technologies?

To my opinion the best place for development is IT summer school. It has changed my life! Every day I had theoretical classes and solved tasks as well as participated in many teenage activities at drama and sports clubs, played brain games and met with new people. Such schools combine serious trainings and extra academic activities.


What programming area do you prefer more?

I don`t know exactly what occupation I will choose but now I am working on term paper in evolutionary algorithms. Furthermore I am interested in bioinformatics and computer-aided learning.


Why do programming is more popular with boys rather than girls?

I think that this problem is caused by stereotypes and mental barriers as opposed to gender differences. About 10 per cent of the total number of applicants who want to enroll to Computer Technology Chair are girls. Unfortunately it is extremely difficult challenge for some students to pass all exams and defend thesis. However those who have succeed in it become excellent experts who can deal with different fields. Currently I scarcely have time to participate in programming contests because serve at the Chair and work as a teacher at ITMO University programming club for children. IT area is full of various events, meetings and contests. All of them require many skills not only in programming, but also in other fields. For instance, Lidia Perovskaya, tutor of Computer Technology Chair, organizes and assists in providing many competitions at ITMO University and also out of it.


Do you want to have more female colleagues?

Of course I want! Furthermore there are many tasks that are easier for women. I think that ITMO University is open for female newcomers who are smart, talented and awesome. Anyway gender is not important because the main thing is to be ambitious.