ITMO University Enters Top 15 Russian Universities

ITMO University improved and solidified its position in just about every category, including education, research, social environment, international activity, university brand, innovations, and entrepreneurship. The biggest leap (from 53 to 29 position) was in the Brand sub-ranking, which could be attributed to the University’s rebranding in the beginning of the school year and the overhaul of the strategic communications system.

“The term ‘Brand’ unites all aspects of University’s activities: from science and education to personal contacts of staff,” said Anna Veklych, ITMO University’s Head of Strategic Communications and PR Dept. “How experts see us is our reputation, our brand that is influenced by students, faculty, partners, alumni. The rankings are just an indicator of our work’s effectiveness. Such an impressive leap in the Brand sub-ranking is proof that ITMO University is on the right track, establishing its reputation as open, modern and developing university. We work daily to increase the University’s recognition through promotion on national and international levels. This is strategic work. We’re planning for 15-20 years ahead, knowing that for the University the brand is just as important as for any other international corporation.”

ITMO University also took leading positions in the “Innovations” sub-ranking. It’s been in the top 10 since 2013. In 2015 it moved up to the 8th position. According to Nina Yanykina, Head of ITMO University’s Project and Innovation Activities, the reason for the sustainable growth is a comprehensive approach to developing an innovations ecosystem.

“Over past several years, ITMO University has been growing in its entrepreneurial capacity, which is reflected in today’s ranking. If in 2012 we were in the 23d place, in 2015 it’s the 8th. We’re the launch pad for new projects and technologies. We invest in small innovative enterprises, started by students and professors. We’re developing our own venture fund for their support and simultaneously support three accelerator programs. Our innovations ecosystem sets an example for many Russian universities and we share our experience, knowledge and best practices in innovations and entrepreneurship throughout Russia’s regions. I’m sure that all these factors along with the team work of ITMO University’s professionals have led to such outstanding results.”

Among the leaders of the “Interfax” National ranking are several members of the 5-100 Project. According to ITMO University’s Head of Strategic Development Marianna Chistyakova, international rankings have certain differences and therefore it’s important to keep up the good work.

“International and national rankings address are targeted at different audiences and reflect different distribution of universities in the educational landscape. But it’s important to keep in mind that national ranking support the leading positions and status of top universities that are aiming to make it into the international top 100. Eleven participants of the 5-100 Project take 15 leading positions in the Interfax ranking. It’s an indication of their activity and success in Russia that hopefully will also translate to global success,” said Ms. Chistyakova.