Identification of vulnerabilities of modern crypto devices, communication devices, IB monitoring systems that allow to realize the impact on software and algorithms

Currently, in connection with growth of complexity multi-agent systems a special attention is paid to issues of ensuring information security (IS) of individual devices, elements and their groups.  Among many directions of a destructive effect on such systems the least studied attack are the attacks on side channels.
Side channel attacks is a class of attacks aimed at vulnerabilities in the practical implementation of the cryptosystem. In contrast to theoretical cryptanalysis, the attack on third-party channels uses information about physical processes in the device that is not discussed in the theoretical description of a cryptographic algorithm. Such attacks have been known in the 1980-ies, but these became widespread after publication of the results by Paul Kocher in 1996. Information of the side channels is understood as information that can be obtained from the crypto-devices and is not either plaintext or cipher-text.