Creation of the scientific methodological apparatus which uses decisions based on the correcting errors codes and other perspective methods of protection of crypto devices and identifying devices from side channel attacks

One way to protect against side-channel attacks is the use of error-correcting codes. The classical approach to protecting computing devices and communication channels is the use of linear codes. Linear codes are focusing their detecting and correcting ability to some configurations of errors (including errors of a given multiplicity). Simplicity of realization of coding and decoding algorithms with concerted code and channel can render high effectiveness of this approach.

Provided that error configuration defies simple description, the use of linear codes are not able to provide the necessary level of data protection. For protection against algebraic manipulations, the class of reliable codes that detect algebraic manipulation was developed. These codes are defined as codes that detect any error configuration with a given probability.
The laboratory works on creation of scientific-methodical unit using solutions based on codes, that are correcting errors, and other perspective methods of the protection of crypto-devices and identifying devices from attacks by side-channels.