25 September 2016

News We Loved This Week

18 September 2016

ITMO Imagines at EAIE Conference and Expo in Liverpool

On the global scene again, ITMO University was represented in Liverpool at the annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition, a place where all those involved in international education can connect, meet, network, and learn new and fabulous ideas from one another.

16 September 2016

The New Mandatory Russian Exam for Foreign Applicants – Is There Anything to Worry About?

The Ministry of Education and Science is planning to introduce a mandatory examination in Russian for foreign students. This initiative drew a wide response in the media, as well as concern and suspicion from some experts. Nataliya Kondrasheva, Head of ITMO University’s Department of Russian as a Foreign Language, shared her opinion on the subject.

15 September 2016

FAQ: How to Become a Game Developer

Gamers can be successful businessmen, scientists and even artists by connecting their hobby with studying and work. E-science Research Institute of ITMO University has presented GameCore, a new student educational project accessible for everybody. In the interview for our portal its’ organizers share what they are going to reach and why.

15 September 2016

Why Sugar the Pill: Indian Scientists on How Sweet Pills Make Treatment More Effective

The sour taste of some drugs makes the treatment process even more intolerable. To ease the patient's lives, biochemistry scientists search for ways to mask out the taste of some drugs. Among those are Indian researchers from the Institute of Chemical Technology - professors Padma Devarajan and Mariam Degani, who work on such methods using molecular modeling methods.

14 September 2016

Education and Business - a Young Entrepreneur Talks About Startups and His University Experience

One's education is not necessarily something that determines one's career. Sometimes, one's university friends play a greater role, as they can become future colleagues or business partners. Mahach Haibaev, a former student of ITMO University, decided to give up on education for business - and founded his own shoe manufacturing company, "Migliori". In an interview for our portal, he talked about what he got from his education, why one can only depend on oneself and why loving one's work is the way to success.

14 September 2016

So You Got a 5: Russian vs Other Grading Systems

There are many types of grading systems in the world – some use points, some – letters; there also descriptive ones and those based on percentage. Point-based systems (with the range used being from 1-5 or 1-20 points) are mostly used in secondary education.

14 September 2016

"Smart Home": Apps, Advices, Solutions

Recently, there have been more and more gadgets and technologies for creating a "smart home" that can solve tasks on its own and add new functions to common things. Still, there is yet to be a model clever house, and it's not an easy task to decide how to start turning your "stupid" flat into “intellectual” living space. We've tried to answer this question and gathered some info that might help you to get a better grasp of all these new technologies.

13 September 2016

The New NANO-year in Saint Petersburg

This weekend, the "NANOyear on the Aptekarski" science festival for school students and teachers took place in Saint Petersburg. This year, the organizers decided to focus on startups: for this, ITMO organized an interactive exhibition of the projects done at the University.

13 September 2016

ITMO's Student Re-Purposed an Arts Device for Space Industry Needs

Elvira Timofeeva, a student for the Department of Optical-Electronic Devices and Systems participated in a 5-months internship program at the Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands). At its Aerospace Engineering Department, the student worked on a peculiar project called SYDDARTA. She had to modernize a hyperspectral device that is used for assessing the aging process in artistic canvas for future use in the aerospace industry..

13 September 2016

ITMO's Graduate Ilya Czech on How to Develop the Prosthesis Market in Russia

As of now, the prosthesis market in Russiamostly consists of expensive imported devices or outlived Soviet models. Ilya Czech, a graduate of ITMO University founded the Motorika company that is the only national platform for upper limb prosthesis development. The company's team has developed and implemented a modern hand prosthesis and now work on a forearm prostheses; the plans for the future include a ulnar module and a shoulder prosthesis. For its accomplishments in science and technology, "Motorika" got into the short-list of the "Made in Russia" award by the media project "Snob". In an interview for our portal, Ilya talked about the difficulties related to opening such a company in Russia, developing sought-after prostheses and the most promising technologies in this field.

12 September 2016

Transport of the Future: A Foresight Session at the Anichkov Palace

The "Right Rudder!" festival on transport and traffic has just finished in Saint Petersburg. During the festival a foresight session has been conducted where school students and university students made forecasts for the development of the transport systems of the country.

12 September 2016

Five Things We Loved Last Week

12 September 2016

Portuguese Scientist Talks About Optical Technologies

During the METANANO-2016 conference, Mario Silverinya, a scientist from the University of Lisbon, talked about the possibilities of topological effects in continuous systems - something that was deemed impossible not so long ago. This can lead to the creation of wave guides where light won’t dissipate, as well as contribute to technologies for decreasing the size and increasing efficiency of electronic components. In an interview for our portal, he spoke of light manipulation and the importance of popularizing science.

12 September 2016

The Day Programmers Bathe in Fountains

Today, Russia celebrates the Day of the Programmer! Developers bathe in fountains and sing their special songs! Well, no, actually.

12 September 2016

The University of Children: Their Dreams and Plans for the Future

The new academic year at the University of Children started last Sunday. During the lectures at ITMO University, the young and curious learned of the properties of fresh and salty water and were told about robots. Saint Petersburg State University's Department of Ichthyology and Hydrobiology Research Associate Ms Marina Katolikova and ITMO's Research student and member of FabLab Mr Eugeny Anfimov were the one to pass the knowledge, trying to explain complex topics in simple terms. In this article, we've gathered opinions of both children and parents, who sound really fond of these lectures.

10 September 2016

METANANO-2016: Best Reports and Future Collaboration

The international METANANO conference on nanophotonics and metamaterials has just finished in Anapa. During these 5 days scientists presented more than a hundred reports, negotiated on future collaborations (including the creation of an affiliated department at ITMO university), as well as enjoyed one of Russia's most sunny cities. This article is on the conference's best reports, results, and plans for METANANO-2017.

09 September 2016

Quantum Perspectives: Present and Future Tech

Scientists from the most promising field of science came to participate in the METANANO-2016 international conference in Anapa. Quantum communications and everything related to them is the latest trend in science that is already being implemented and gets funding from many sources. For instance, the UN is planning to invest a billion euros into quantum technologies. Alexey Rubtsov, a visiting scientist at METANANO, leads a research team of the Russian Quantum Center and is also a professor at Moscow State University and Chief Research Associate for the All-Russian Research Institute of Automatics (VNIIA). In an interview for our portal, he talked about his research, the development of quantum technology in Russia and its possible applications.

09 September 2016

Innovation Russian-Style

A delegation of international students studying Russia and Finland’s innovation market visited St. Petersburg. Startupers from ITMO University talked to them about launching a startup in Russia.

09 September 2016

British Royals Acknowledge Video360 Arctic Footage

Several months ago, Northern (Arctic) Federal University (NArFU) made a proposition to specialists from ITMO's Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations - to participate in an expedition of the Arctic Floating University and create a report in the video-360 format. The video turned out so good that it was highly rated by the British delegation led by Princess Anna. The Princess's husband, vice-admiral Tim Laurence liked it so much that he expressed a wish to participate in the annual NArFU's expedition.

09 September 2016

The Shock of the New – Latest Developments in St. Petersburg Theater Part 2

In the first part of this series on St. Petersburg, we delved deep into the variety of idiosyncratic work that can be found on some of St. Petersburg’s larger stages. In this second instalment, we’re heading straight for the fringes to find something even more delightfully peculiar. And there could perhaps be no better place to start than the tiny ‘Osobnyak’ or ‘Mansion’ theater tucked away under an arch behind Kamennoostrovskiy Prospekt on Petrogradskaya.

08 September 2016

METANANO-2016: Interview with Scientists

Representatives from research institutions from Russia and twelve other countries gathered for the METANANO-2016 international conference in Anapa. Their areas of interest include plasmonics, quantum technologies, photonic crystals, polaritons, nano-optics and other fields in nanophotonics and metamaterials. In an interview for ITMO's news portal they talked about why they came to the conference, challenges in their fields of science and latest important inventions.

08 September 2016

Keeping Things Simple: ITMO Freshman Makes Reading English Easier

More than a thousand promising students joined ITMO this year - each with his own goals and ambitions. We've decided to get to know them, so we talked to Yuri Bondarchuk, a freshman for the Computer Technology Department, who shared his own experiences before ITMO and his plans for studying here.

08 September 2016

Experiencing VR: A List of Apps You Might Like

After getting a VR headset, you often face a common problem: you’ve already tried a few games, a ride on the roller-coaster... What's next? There are a few good VR apps and lots of bad ones that are more like demos or just don't work at all. So, we've decided to give you a list of VR applications we liked - like those that let you immerse into one of Bosch's paintings or relieve your summer vacation experience.

08 September 2016

Unified State Exam Scores: ITMO in Top-10

The National Research University "Higher School of Economics" published the results of monitoring the admission quality in Russian universities. ITMO University came into the ten best according to the average Unified State Exam score amongst its applicants and was placed 7th in the overall ratings, 1st for Math programs.

07 September 2016

METANANO-2016: Danish Scientist on Reasons for Investing in Science

The conference on the latest inventions in Nanophotonics and Metamaterials in Anapa is still going. So, is there a future for this field of science? Which research will get international funding and will be implemented by large companies? Andrei Lavrinenko, speaker for the conference from the metamaterials research group of the Technical University of Denmark shared his opinions on the subject.

07 September 2016

FRUCT Conference Included in the Scimago Journal Index

The proceedings of the FRUCT conference, devoted to research and development in the field of information technology and Computer Science now indexed in the Scimago Journal Rank rankings. The next conference which ITMO University is helping to organize will be held from 7-11 November 2016, and papers will be accepted until 30 September.

07 September 2016

E-participation: UN Expert on E-Government and Civic Consciousness

Mr. Yuri Misnikov, a UN social and economic advisor visited the Department of State Information Systems Management at ITMO's Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations. Mr. Misnikov is one of the main developers of the Measurement and Evaluation Tool for Engagement and e-Participation (METEP), as well as the co-author of the section on e-participation of UN's recent review on e-governance. He talked about the advantages and disadvantages of e-governance that have to do with people's attempts to actively show their civic position, and discussed the prospects of collaborating with the students.

07 September 2016

ITMO University Moving Up in the Rankings

RAEX published its annual “University Reputations by Combined Subjects Rankings”. The agency put together a list of the top universities in seven combined subjects, such as “Engineering, Natural Sciences and Exact Sciences” or “Economics and Management”. ITMO University moved up to 4th place in the “Information Technology” ranking, and to 14th place in the “Technical Sciences, Engineering and Technology” ranking (up three places from last year).

06 September 2016

Unreal Fest: Latest VR and AR technologies on the Russian Market

Unreal Fest – St. Petersburg's first large-scale event dedicated to VR and AR technologies - took place last weekend. The festival gathered both consumers who had the chance to test new technologies, and representatives of the young but fast-developing virtual reality and augmented reality market. The field's experts made presentations and lectures for businessmen and startupers. Research results were also presented at the show: for instance, the team of the Cyber Suit project brought its neurointerface costume which imitates real tactile sensations, and developers from the eScience Research Institute gave the guests an opportunity to virtually visit an Indian temple during a massive festival.

06 September 2016

Evolution Instead of a Revolution: How Media has Changed with the Coming of New Technologies

The fact that the media market has changed considerably is obvious to anyone who has Internet access. Experts foretell an actual revolution in the media. Still, it is nowhere to be seen: the television is yet to control people, the radio still hasn't become a thing of the past, and subway passengers continue to read newspapers. What really controls the media market and what are its most recent trends? Andrei Bezrukov, Head of Strategic Marketing for GS Group spoke on the subject on the platform of iDealMachine startup accelerator.

05 September 2016

September the Zero Science Festival: Mini-University for School Kids

Science isn’t just for adults! Love and interest for science develops at a young age when our minds are open and everything is a discovery. For the last three years the “September the Zero Science Festival” has been held on the first weekend of September giving a chance to primary and secondary school students to build up their love and interest towards science and research. This year’s festival was held in Krasnoyarsk in Siberia and ITMO University also participated in various ways.

05 September 2016

ITMO's Research Students Develop Software for Russia's Biggest Oceanarium

A team of ITMO's graduates took part in creating the software for Primorsky Oceanarium - the biggest in Russia. The oceanarium was opened on September 3rd by President Vladimir Putin. Pavel Burak, Egor Eremeev and Andrei Mikalauskas from WebKit company developed the control system and the content delivery system; Zoe Melenshikova worked on the interface, design and guide setup. Despite a great workload and tight deadlines, they have not only accomplished the tasks set, but also made lots of fond memories of the Far East.

05 September 2016

ITMO Scientist Makes It Into GenerationS Accelerator

Biotechnology is a trend of the 21st century, which harnesses biological processes to develop technologies and products that help improve our lives and the health of our planet. During the pitch session at ITMO University last week, startups from different regions presented their ideas in this field with the winner, a young scientist at ITMO University, Alexander Podshivalov, making it straight into the finals of the GenerationS accelerator.

05 September 2016

TopCoder Open 2016

The regional round of TopCoder Open took place this weekend in Saint Petersburg. Six students and graduates from ITMO are among its winners. Now, they will have to compete with winners of other regional rounds for two positions in the finals that will take place from November 18 to 21 in Washington DC.

05 September 2016

METANANO-2016 has started in Anapa, Russia

The most promising young scientists in metamaterials and nanophotonics gathered in Anapa for the METANANO-2016 conference. They will share their latest inventions and discuss the possibilities of implementing them in medicine, power engineering, chemical industry and other fields. Also, the conference will become a place for making new contacts between scientists for future collaborative research projects.

03 September 2016

Five Things We Loved Last Week

02 September 2016

10 life-hacks for Startups in the Media Market

The recent technologies might have not revolutionized the media market, but has become a lot more complicated than 10-15 years back. The media format has become more multi-sided, thus making it possible to earn money with almost any type of content. How can an ambitious startup get into the "mainstream", what factors shall a clever CEO consider, why make pilots paid-for and count else's money? Alexander Atzik, development director for the E-Contenta online service shared detailed life-hacks for startups in the media field.

02 September 2016

The Shock of the New – Latest Developments in St. Petersburg Theater. Part 1

It’s entirely fitting - given that the city of St. Petersburg is one of the great neoclassical wonders of the world - that its' pillared and porticoed theaters should be jam-packed with some of the most traditional and ultra-classical performances ever seen on stage.

01 September 2016

ITMO Student at Google Android Camp

A student from the Faculty of Information Technologies and Programming at ITMO University, Daria Yakovleva was one of 25 participants who participated in the annual Google Android Camp this summer. During her week in Google’s London Office, she not only mixed with leading developers and heard lectures, but also presented a team project (an application for food sharing) at the camp’s traditional hackathon.

01 September 2016

The Beginning of Student Life: The Day You’ll Always Remember

The first day of the new academic year is full of remarkable events whether they are acquaintance with lecturers, supervisors, and future best friends as well as new requirements and forthcoming opportunities. Today when everybody celebrates the Knowledge Day, employees and lecturers look back at their first student days.

30 August 2016

From Steam Engines to Tablets: Armando Walter Colombo Talks about Cyber-Physical Systems in Modern Industry

Dr. Armando Walter Colombo, professor of University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer whose field is Cyber-Physical Systems came to ITMO University to give an intensive course in development of these systems for industrial purposes.

29 August 2016

Research Performance: ITMO in Russia's Top-Ten

Round University Ranking (RUR) Agency published the 2016 rankings for scientific research. Twenty-three Russian universities, ITMO included, have made it to the list. ITMO University was ranked 9th among Russia’s leading universities, being 644th with 21.69 points in the overall rating, which is 57 positions higher than last year (701th position with 15.54 points).

24 August 2016

Silicon Nanoparticles Trained to Juggle Light

A team of physicists from ITMO University (St. Petersburg) and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) has demonstrated the potential of silicon nanoparticles for effective non-linear light manipulation. Their work lays the foundation for the development of novel optical devices with a wide range of functionalities. These silicon nanoparticle-based devices would allow transmission, reflection and scattering of incident light in a specified direction, depending on its intensity. They could be integrated into microchips that would enable ultrafast, all-optical signal processing in optical communication lines and the next generation of optical computers.

18 August 2016

Summer School in Tallinn: Research Methods in Human-Computer Interaction

The staff of ITMO University’s Chair of Engineering and Computer Graphics have returned from the summer school in Tallinn University, where they studied methods for researching human-computer interactions. ITMO University can well host this course next year.

11 August 2016

Perseids 2016: Guide to Watching a Meteor Shower

The Perseids meteor shower is considered to be one of the most popular and picturesque astronomical phenomena in the Northern Hemisphere; its peak of activity this year is expected on Thursday and Friday night of this week. This year’s Perseids are expected to be a lot more intense than usual. We'd like to share advice on how to watch meteors, and tell you about other astronomical and atmospheric phenomena of August.

10 August 2016

Ready to Move: Young Coders Share their Career Experience

Nowadays programmers move to different cities and even countries to work more often than other specialists. Students and graduates at the Computer Technology Chair talked about what can be better than working in large IT companies as well as how to study and work at the same time.

08 August 2016

Drones at Work: Delivering Pizza, Searching for the Lost... and Dismembering Snowmen

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAC), or simply drones, are becoming more and more popular. They can be used for delivering pizza, monitoring construction sites and even searching for people lost in a forest. Still, some essential questions remain: what if a program failure will make the drone injure someone? Or what if it gets into a plane's turbine? Read about the technical difficulties of drone constructing and the problems of their introduction to the market in our article.

06 August 2016

Gennady Korotkevich Wins Google Code Jam for the Third Time

ITMO University alumnus Gennady Korotkevich claimed the title of 2016 Code Jam World Champion and set a new record as the first World Champ to win three consecutive Code Jam Finals in a row.

29 July 2016

Webometrics: ITMO Is Making its Way to the Top

The latest Webometrics Rankings of World Universities results of the top-1000 universities in the world are out. ITMO University has made significant progress since earlier this year, moving up 91 places overall, and also now placed 6th amongst Russian universities. At the same time, the methodology for the rankings has changed slightly affecting some universities negatively.

29 July 2016

Nature Index Names ITMO U as a "Rising Star"

The Nature Index of Rising Stars draws out those countries and institutions that are clearly showing their potential to shine. Much like talent scouts searching for rising stars in other professional groups, the Nature Index 2016 Rising Stars identifies the “star” performers in the research world who are moving up faster than others. It uses the Nature index which tracks the research of more than 8,000 global institutions. Unlike those already well-known leading institutions such as Harvard and Cambridge universities, Rising Stars is about those institutions and countries that have increased their contribution to some of the top natural science journals. ITMO University was mentioned as a university with substantial growth which most likely will soon stand together with recognized leaders in the scientific community.

28 July 2016

Virtual Reality Technologies: What to Expect in the Foreseeable Future?

VR technologies which were once something of science fiction are coming into our everyday lives. During the last few years, they have become cheaper and more available, and are widely applied in different fields – not only the video game industry, but also for pilots and firefighters. The VR market is growing hand in hand with the educational market and thus optimistic scientists are expecting VR-based classes to become a common thing in the nearest future. Is there anything to fear? How does this market grow and how is it monetized? What is VR’s place in art and culture? We’ve asked some of Russia’s experts in the VR field.

27 July 2016

Cyborg Olympics Exploiting the Power of Technology

Robots, cyborgs, bionic man, cyborg people - whatever they are is all thanks to modern technology weaving its way into our realities. Handicapped and disabled or words which are quickly losing their meaning, because sometimes its the woman without the arm who is stronger than an ordinary woman using her new amazing, agile, motorized arm. It's for such individuals that a special Cybathlon is being organized in Moscow in August and soon after an international competition in Zurich in October.

26 July 2016

Getting Close to Nanostructures

As of now, the optical microscope is one of the most widespread tools used in microscopy. Yet, with its resolving power limited by the diffraction limit of 200 nm, it proves insufficient for studying objects at the nano-level. The structure’s details are simply smaller than the length of the wave, so the image becomes fuzzy. That is why more sophisticated methods such as scanning probe microscopy and electron microscopy are used for these tasks.

25 July 2016

“Open University:” BrExit, Startups and Smart Paperwork

As before, speakers of the interactive educational meeting paid their attention to various topical issues. This weekend participants attended lectures devoted to new technologies, modern economic problems, intellectual property issues and entrepreneurial trends.

25 July 2016

ITMO U is in the Top-10 Russian Research Universities

Interfax International Information Services Group published results of Research Breakthrough of Russian Universities. In comparison with last year’s results ITMO University has leveled up very fast – it increased its’ position from 21st to 9th.

15 July 2016

Safe Smart Houses: Soon You Will Live in One Too

Smart homes have long been considered a futuristic abode or a luxury for the rich. With the rise of smartphones, and the innovative genius of ITMO University’s researchers, Sergey Zimnenko, Denis Nevmerzhitskiy and Alexey Silayev, from the Chair of Secure Information Technologies, smart homes will soon be as common as the iPhone, in the IoT sphere. The product will be simple, functional, safe and practical, and easy for everyone to use.

14 July 2016

Best App to Download for VKfest

This weekend, the long awaited VKfest is coming up in St. Petersburg. Such a huge event with many interesting things to see and not enough time to see it all, requires of attendees to make some difficult choices. To facilitate this challenge, PhD Students at ITMO University, Egor Eremeev and Pavel Burak, have been developing a special free app “GoFest” for the last two years designed to simplify the decision-making process. Using the technology and team from the InNavi project, this app helps attendees navigate through VKfest. Last year, the app offered an interactive map of the event including all the most unknown and noteworthy locations. This year, however, “GoFest” has been made in the form of quest, visitors explore the area and get a prize upon successful completion of a given task. It’s designed for users you like memes and have a good sense of humor.

11 July 2016

Science Communication With a View Over Sicily

Science communication is one of those emerging fields where the union of art and science finds its place, it’s the bridge between the rich minds of scientists and academics and the masses of the world. While it is still an emerging field in Russia, it’s well-advanced in Europe, and two of ITMO University’s employees headed to Sicily last month to participate in the course “The Fundamental Science: from cutting-edge technologies to the heart of society”

10 July 2016

Gennady Korotkevich Takes his Winning Streak to India

ITMO University coders took 1st and 2nd places at CodeChef SnackDown-16, annual global programming tournament in India. Ivan Belonogov and Ilya Zban, third-year students, were ahead of coders from University of Tokyo, who placed 3rd. Gennady Korotkevich and Boris Minaev, famous for their success at ACM ICPC 2015, became the winners.

04 July 2016

Graphene: Material of the Future

ITMO Master's students are on the cutting edge of science, using the world’s thinnest, and nearly transparent material as a compact and efficient source of terahertz radiation. With this latest research, we will be able to make breakthroughs in medicine and offer the world incredibly high speed internet.

04 July 2016

ITMO Students are Winners at the VK Cup-2016 Championship

Yet another programming championship won by ITMO University students took place this weekend. ITMO students took first place at the VK Cup-2016 held at VKontakte’s main office. The renowned championship included over 20 two-man teams from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Latvia and other nearby countries. The prize money is valued to up to 2.5 million rubles.

04 July 2016

ITMO U Coders Burst Into the Russian Media

The achievements of St. Petersburg IT students at ITMO University made a splash in the Russian media, boosting the U to the top positions in a national media ranking.

01 July 2016

Future EdTech: To Be or Not To Be

The market prospects for innovative technologies in education are assessed differently by the experts: some predict a rapid growth of EdTech over the next five years, while others believe that all breakthrough ideas in this field have already been implemented we must only improve existing resources. On site start-up accelerator and Venture Fund iDealMachine held a discussion with experts and tried to answer the question, what kind of startups do schools, universities and education in general need, or whether they need any at all.

30 June 2016

Modern Universities: How to Struggle for Leadership but Don't Lose Individuality

Currently top Russian universities look for answers for several crucial questions related to their development and success such as academic competitiveness and improvement planning. On 30 June - 1 July, 2016 ITMO University welcomed Russian and international higher education experts at Conference on Excellence Initiatives. The event was organized by Project 5-100.

27 June 2016

Master's Students To Lead Future Technologies Accelerator Projects

With a new academic year starting in September, the Future Technologies startup accelerator and the Chair of Production Management and Technology Transfer of the Department of Technological Management and Innovations plan to involve Master’s students in the preparation of business projects. Young professionals in Economics and Management will be joining budding entrepreneurs, to create a new company based on advanced technologies developed in the University. Their work with fellow developers will also form the foundation of their master thesis.

21 June 2016

SafeNet to Control Cyber Systems

Valentin Makarov, Head of RUSSOFT Association, came to ITMO U to give a lecture on cyber security. The expert presented a concept of SafeNet, innovative market, which will be the main platform for creating new technologies.

17 June 2016

Vladimir Putin Opened Plenary Session at SPIEF-2016

Vladimir Putin made opening speech at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on June 18. The President commented on drivers and trends in global economic development including education and research activities. Mr. Putin underlined that despite difficulties and problems there are several basic aspects of well-being such as innovations and modern technologies. He also noted that global challenges cannot be solved without cooperation of all countries.

16 June 2016

International Economic Forum: First Events and New Agreements

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2016 (SPIEF) has opened its` doors today. Among the first events there was a meeting of Vladimir Vasilyev, ITMO U Rector, and Alexander Dyuzhinov, acting CEO of Federal Testing Center. The officials signed a cooperation agreement to organize joint projects.

13 June 2016

International Council Shares World's Best Practices

Members of the International Council came to ITMO U to take part in the annual board meeting. International experts gave their assessment to ITMO U`s achievements and discussed with colleagues how to expand its` international activities.

03 June 2016

ITMO University Blog is the Best in IT-Education in Habrahabr

One of the most famous collective blogs Habrahabr that publishes IT & business news and analytical articles has celebrated its tenth anniversary. In light of this anniversary, the project’s publisher – “Thematic Media” company – has awarded the best corporative blogs. ITMO University blog shared the best corporate blog prize with Mail.Ru Group in the nomination “IT-Education”.

02 June 2016

Keeping Up With ITMO University is No Easy Task

RAEX ranking agency (RA-expert) put together the fifth annual ranking of Russian universities. ITMO University for the first time became one of the top twenty Russian universities rising up four places since to last year. The ranking agency also acknowledged ITMO as the most dynamically developed university participating in “Project 5-100”.

02 June 2016

ITMO University Brand Becoming Well-Known All Over The World

ITMO University has jumped to 16th place in “Interfax” agency’s National University Rankings, in the “University Brand” category. Last year it made the leap from 53rd to 29th place.

30 May 2016

3D-Hackathon Took Place in St. Petersburg

In light of Autodesk Developer Day, ITMO University held a two-day 3D-hackathon for Autodesk developers, dedicated to designing solutions for Autodesk 3D-modeling software.

27 May 2016

How to Create the Best Environment to Realize the True Potential of Universities

Modern Russian universities are more and more advancing towards the University 3.0 and 4.0 concept. These educational institutions which previously focused only on the education of students and scientific and research activities are now becoming innovation centers, generating new innovations and introducing them to the market. The 4.0 concept brings to the fore the university's social responsibility and its role in regional development. This is where the National Technological Initiative also comes in, which is involved in creating new and promising markets which by 2035 would ensure that Russia is in a leading position in world economy. It is within this reality that the various departments of the university are arranging their work since it will involve not only research but also commercialising R&D. Pavel Bulat, the head of the International Laboratory “Mechanics and Energy Systems” (MES) shares his thoughts about getting the work of the lab into the market.

23 May 2016

Independent Robots and Touristic Guide Presented at ITEA Event 2016

The 2016 ITEA (Information Technology for European Advancement) Event took place in Stockholm. The organizers invited representatives of leading international universities and innovative companies to facilitate networking concerning financing of future research. The international laboratory «Intelligent Technologies for Socio-Cyberphysical Systems», located in ITMO University Technopark represented our University at the ITEA Event 2016.

23 May 2016

Stankevich Receives ACM ICPC Senior Coach Award

Andrew Stankevich, ITMO University’s sports programming coach, was honored with 2016 ACM-ICPC Senior Coach Award at the ACM-ICPC World Finals in Phuket, Thailand on May 17.

17 May 2016

New Research Collaborations With US Universities

ITMO University is entering a new stage in its development. A new area related to advanced nanophotonic devices using new materials is now being explored at ITMO University, primarily through the joint efforts of specialists from the Chair of Nano-Photonics and Metamaterials and scientists from the University of Texas at Dallas. The goal is to combine the experience of American colleagues in material science and electronics with local experience in nanophotonics. In this light, American scientists will visit Russia to work on promising research with ITMO University.

17 May 2016

Annual Report of the Most Non-Classical University

Massive anniversary, hot innovative summer at city’s festivals, optoclones of museum showpieces and Master Yoda giving a motivating speech before exams – these are all key events of 2015 listed in the brand new Annual report of the most non-classical university. Let’s ride the route that ITMO University followed last year one more time!

12 May 2016

ITMO University Partners With a Global Online Education Project EdX

ITMO University has become one of the first Russian universities to join edX, the nonprofit online learning destination founded by Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Students from all around the world can now enroll into the first online course from the alma mater of sport programming champions to learn the secrets of winning international coding competitions from ITMO University experts.

06 May 2016

Nanophotonics and Metamaterials: New Summer School Introduces Its` Lecturers

Alexander Khanikaev, assistant professor at Queens College, City University of New York, a speaker at the forthcoming International Summer School Nanophotonics and Metamaterials, came to ITMO University to present the results of research provided in alliance with International Research Center for Nanophotonics and Metamaterials.

05 May 2016

METANANO-2016 Opens Its` Doors

ITMO U`s Chair of Nanophotonics and Metameterials is organizing the International Conference METANANO-2016, which will take place for the first time in Russia on September 5-9 in Anapa. The speakers will present their discoveries in functional nanomaterials, nanophotonics, plasmonics and other fields.

04 May 2016

Experts Discussed Publishing Activity of Russian Scientists at ITMO U

A research work is considered to be finished only after its` publishing in a scientific journal. It means that the project has received a review and obtained the recognition of the international academic community. The experts discussed science publishing issues at Springer Nature Summit organized by ITMO University in alliance with Springer Nature publishing house. The meeting helped to answer the main question: “How to make results of scientific projects globally-known?”

27 April 2016

Detecting Cancer by Analyzing Breath

Currently it is possible to diagnose cancer and other fatal diseases with the aid of chemical gas sensors. On April 19 two Italian professors came to ITMO University to present the results of the current research in this field and discuss sensing technologies with Russian colleagues and students.

22 April 2016

Computers as Friends: Cognitive Computing Hackathon held in St. Petersburg

The cognitive computing hackathon challenged university students across St. Petersburg to build creative and modern software that can work more efficiently than the human brain.

20 April 2016

Fusing Art and Modern Technology

From 6 to 9 April 2016, an International Conference was held in Vienna, Austria. The “SGEM Vienna 2016” conference included experts from around the world from different fields such as humanities, history, philosophy, architecture, design, and contemporary art. Several ITMO University researchers and professors also attended the conference, Anna Spiridonova, Artyom Smolin, Irina Tolstikova, Lidia Korpan, and Hans van Der Berg to name a few. Projects from the Design and Multimedia Center (Department of Technological Management and Innovations), Chair of Engineering and Computer Graphics and the work of Video360Production were presented at the conference in various formats.

19 April 2016

“Nanotech Appeared at ITMO Before It Became Popular”

From 26 to 29 April, will be the fifth STRANN (State-of-the-art Trends of Scientific Research of Artificial and Natural Nanoobjects) Conference held in St. Petersburg, devoted to nanoobjects. A key theme of the event, organized by St. Petersburg State University, OPTEC and ITMO University, is trends and techniques which enable current challenges in the creation and study of microscale and nanoscale objects to be solved. We talked to Alexandar Golubok, head of Chair of Nanotechnologies and Material Science at ITMO University, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, also co-chair of STRANN organizing committee, about current trends in nanotechnology, promising directions, as well ITMO University’s place in the development of this field.

18 April 2016

Sensing Technologies: What Does Make Sense for the Market?

The international conference «Sensorica» guided by ITMO University will take place for the fourth time on June 16-17 in Germany. Gennady Lukianov, head of Chair of Sensing Equipment, who will make a speech at the conference, commented on development of sensing technologies and solutions in this field invented by St. Petersburg researchers.

18 April 2016

More Than a Few Laughs: ITMO University Science Slam

Making science boring is easy, but making it fun and accessible to anyone takes true talent. Future scientific heavyweights sparred in the best humorous yet informative presentations of their work at the Science Slam Finals that took place on April 15 at ITMO University, wrapping up V National Congress of Young Scientists.

18 April 2016

Embracing Diversity at "People of the World" Festival: ITMO Takes 3rd Place

On 15 April in St. Petersburg’s Youth House, “People of the World”, an International Student Festival, was held. At this festival, you could hear people speaking different languages, presenting their country and culture, and reading poetry singing songs and presenting their national cuisine. Foreign students at ITMO University took part in this contest for the first time and came third.

18 April 2016

Sochi to Become a New Silicon Valley

ITMO University continues to launch activities in the entrepreneurial field! The project called “Interregional Network Program Start-Up Accelerator School” has found a new partner – “Storm of Ideas at the See,” IT competition for Russian coders. Oleg Malsagov, advisor to rector, visited Sochi to take part in the informal meeting StartUp-Party initiated by Storm of Ideas on April 8.

14 April 2016


ITMO University was selected to lead the Computer Science and Information Science group of BRICS Network University at the BRICS NU Rectors Forum that took place in Ekaterinburg, Russia earlier this month.

13 April 2016

Open Data for Education: ITMO Collection of Papers published by Springer

Springer publishing house published a collection of articles "Open Data for Education: Linked, Shared, and Reusable Data for Teaching and Learning", devoted to the development of open educational platforms. The collection was prepared by Mathieu d’Aquin, who is working at the Open University, and Dmitry Muromtsev, Head of Chair of Informatics and Applied Mathematics at ITMO University.

12 April 2016

Russian Scientists Develop Long-Range Secure Quantum Communication System

A group of scientists from ITMO University Russia has developed a novel approach to the construction of quantum communication systems for secure data exchange. The experimental device based on the results of the research is capable of transmitting single-photon quantum signals across distances of 250 kilometers or more, which is on par with other cutting edge analogues. The research paper was published in Optics Express journal.

11 April 2016

Gennady Korotkevich Scores Big Again

Programming prodigy Gennady Korotkevich, a student of ITMO University's Computer Technologies Department, along with his team mates Roman Udovchenko and Sergey Zhgivorsky, both staffers at Yandex, placed third in the final of Deadline24, an international team programming marathon that took place on April 10, 2016 in Poland. The first two places went to Polish teams HoRyxoGon and Charles University Legion respectively. ITMO University students Boris Minaev, Vitalii Aksenov, Ivan Belonogov and Ilja Zban also made it into the finals.

11 April 2016

Academic Professorship Is Picking Up Speed

ITMO University initiated a new program for international professors. Zeev Zalevski was selected as the first participant to give his short series of lectures for St. Petersburg students. Mr. Zalevski, head of Bar-Ilan University`s Nanophotonics Center, has already presented lectures on medical optical devices for students of Applied and Computer Optics Chair.

08 April 2016

ITMO Student Made It to the Top-10 Coders of Google Code Jam

Daria Yakovleva, third year student of Computer Technology Chair, placed 9th at Google Code Jam to I/O for Women! Ms. Yakovleva shared how to be a female programmer and struggle with gender stereotypes.

07 April 2016

ITMO University in Top-200 for Teaching Quality

On the 7th April, Round University Ranking (RUR) results were announced for university’s teaching quality, based on data from the Thomson Reuters media company. In the top 200 were nine Russian universities, including ITMO University.

07 April 2016

Competitive Higher Education: Strategies, Trends and Transformations

The heads of leading St. Petersburg Universities participating in 5-100 Russian Academic Excellent Project discussed challenges faced by modern higher education at the press conference supported by Russian News Agency TASS on April 6.

06 April 2016

Study Abroad to Succeed in Russia

In 2015, Dmitry Filonov, a graduate of ITMO University and research fellow at the Chair of Nanophotonics and Metamaterials, became one of the participants of the program “Global education”, which offers grants for Russian academics to study at one of the best international universities in the world. Now, Mr. Filionv is living in Israel, working and studying at the Department of Electronic Engineering at Tel-Aviv University. In an interview, the young scientist explains about how he ended up in this program and gives advice to future participants.

05 June 2015

Finnish experts shared their experience of successful innovations development

On the 4th of June in the ITMO University Technopark within the Helsinki Days the workshop and competition of innovative projects took place in St. Petersburg where experts and representatives of the city government and the business of the Finnish capital were as the jury.

04 June 2015

ITMO University Enters Top 15 Russian Universities

In the new ranking by Interfax Media Group and “Moscow Echo” radio station released on June 3, 2015, ITMO University went up two positions compared to last year and took the 15th position. The National Ranking for 2014 – 2015 school year includes over 200 Russian universities.

03 June 2015

ITMO International Days

ITMO International Days kicked off in St. Petersburg. It features a series of events for students and faculty and is dedicated to boosting the level of collaboration with international partners. As part of ITMO International Days, guests get to tour the University, participate in discussions on the issues in international development and roundtables on joint research and educational programs.

02 June 2015

International councils at universities will help Russian universities to become global

Fourteen leading Russian universities participate in the Project 5-100 and seek to improve the competitiveness on the international educational arena. In order to obtain external support the so-called international councils are created in the universities which include representatives of the higher school from other countries. The second meeting of the University International council was held on the 1 of June at the ITMO University, where Vladimir Vasilyev, the University rector, the University representatives and foreign counterparts discussed the strategy of the University development and its awareness enhancement.

01 June 2015

Qualifying round of international championship on programming TopCoder Open took place in university

On the 31 of May at ITMO University there was the first regional event of the international championship on programming TopCoder Open 2015. In addition to the qualifying round of the competition, in the University they summed up the results of the two-day hackathon of business applications development.

07 October 2014

Opening of the Moscow International Salon of Education

In the capital, on Oct. 7 the Moscow International Salon of Education was launched. It was organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Moscow Government, the Rossotrudnichestvo, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the Expo Center. 

03 October 2014

ITMO University goes global!

ITMO University goes global! ITMO University is entering a new international level. Today, in the capital of Belgium a new agency of the university was opened. 

31 August 2014

New brand of ITMO University

The 114-year history of the ITMO University continues in a new way. A leading Russian university in the field of information and photonic technologies, the only five-time champion of the student world programming championship ACM-ICPC, one of the national research universities in Russia, changes the brand on September 1. The academic year 2014/2015 begins with a new logo and slogan «It's More Than a University». This is an external reflection of global changes, occurring at the University, aimed at improving the international competitiveness. 

08 July 2014

Seven steps to success of startup from experts from Silicon Valley

July 16, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. at the ITMO University a lecture by Professor Naeem Zafar from the School of Business of the University of California, Berkeley (USA) will be held. At the lecture, Professor Zafar will talk about technology of launch and success of startup projects and share experience with beginners and experienced entrepreneurs. The event will be held in the framework of the SumIT program

07 July 2014

Start IT: Launch of the summer startup school

Start IT, a forum for aspiring enterpreneurs in IT, kicked off on July 11, 2014 as part of the summer startup school SUMIT of ITMO University.

28 May 2014

Commencement 2014

Commencement for the ITMO University class of 2014 will be held on July, 10.

19 May 2014

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2014

22 of May the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) has started. In 2014, the main theme of the forum is "Building trust in an era of change". Vladimir Vasiliev, the rector of the ITMO University, traditionally takes an active part in the annual summit of representatives of political and business elite

16 May 2014

Annual Contest of Graduates' Final Qualification Research Papers

ITMO University announces the beginning of the annual competition for the best final qualification research work (FQRW). Graduates of all departments of ITMO University, full-time and correspondence, are encouraged to apply.

14 May 2014

ITMO University Fellowship. Advance science. Change the world.

St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Russia (ITMO University) invites applications for research positions in Postdoctoral/Early career/Professorial tracks from outstanding scientists and researchers, who are established leaders in their chosen field.

06 May 2014

Eugene Buff with a lecture "Career directions in science and business" at ITMO University

Eugene Buff, a famous business mentor and founder of Primary Care Innovation Consulting Company, will hold a lecture "Career Directions in Science and Business" at ITMO University on May 15, 2014.

15 April 2014

Days of intellectual property in St. Petersburg

10 April 2014

Startup Sauna SumIT at the ITMO University

01 April 2014

Meeting with representatives of U.S. universities in the ITMO University

14 February 2014

The first city Olympiad on information technology and arts among students of technical universities «Aitetika»