General Information

The aim of the laboratory is to provide a scientific methodological apparatus aimed at maintaining information security and protection of modern and advanced devices from side channel attacks, monitoring systems of information security, information security of cloud technologies, distributed systems, multiagent systems.

At the present time identifying devices such as smart cards, bank cards, sim-cards, RFID tags and others are widely used in the whole world and also in Russia. Due to the widespread use of crypto devices, monitoring systems and distributed multiagent systems and identification devices, their safety is a priority direction for modern research vulnerabilities for side channel attacks.

The development of methods and techniques of information security ensuring of cloud computing, distributed and multi-agent systems

Creation of scientific-methodical apparatus, aimed at the information security providing, protection of current and future devices from side-channel attacks, monitoring systems of information security, information security ensuring, information security of the cloud computing, distributed systems, multi-agent systems.

Information security of mobile robotic systems

Unique features of construction of the multi-agent robotic systems (MARS) make difficult the use of present mechanisms of information security (IS) and provide an opportunity for attackers to influence on the collective algorithms (adaptive behaviour). Perception of necessity to study the issues of information security (IS), as well as a qualitative description of the main threats and peculiarities of their implementation in relation to the MARS determine the relevance of the scientific-methodical apparatus, aimed at providing information security.