Logicanalyzer АКИП-9101

Logic analyzer is a complex technical device. It analyzes digital signals that are transferred by serial and parallel buses.

Brief characteristics of the model (series):
Logic analyzer based on PC (USB) AKIP-9101:
16 (AKIP-9101)
The device has 16 inlet channels, 75 MHz pass band. It analyzes I2C, UART, SPI protocols.
Sampling rate up to 200 MHz
Measures, analyzes and decodes protocols: I2C, UART, SPI, 1 -WIRE, SSI, HDQ, CAN, MICROWIRE, I2S, PS / 2, Lin Bus and others (more than 90 protocols), mixed signal with a frequency up to 100 MHz
Memory per channel up to 2 Mbps per channel, capturing glitches from 5 ns
Extended synchronization, analysis: bus, logical, statistical, optional sync pulse width.
Compression ratio up to 255:1
Data transfer via USB 2.0 interface to the computer
Does not require an external power supply (powered by USB)