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25 September 2016

News We Loved This Week

18 September 2016

ITMO Imagines at EAIE Conference and Expo in Liverpool

16 September 2016

The New Mandatory Russian Exam for Foreign Applicants – Is There Anything to Worry About?

15 September 2016

FAQ: How to Become a Game Developer

15 September 2016

Why Sugar the Pill: Indian Scientists on How Sweet Pills Make Treatment More Effective

14 September 2016

Education and Business - a Young Entrepreneur Talks About Startups and His University Experience

14 September 2016

So You Got a 5: Russian vs Other Grading Systems

14 September 2016

"Smart Home": Apps, Advices, Solutions

13 September 2016

The New NANO-year in Saint Petersburg

13 September 2016

ITMO's Student Re-Purposed an Arts Device for Space Industry Needs

13 September 2016

ITMO's Graduate Ilya Czech on How to Develop the Prosthesis Market in Russia

12 September 2016

Transport of the Future: A Foresight Session at the Anichkov Palace

12 September 2016

Five Things We Loved Last Week

12 September 2016

Portuguese Scientist Talks About Optical Technologies

12 September 2016

The Day Programmers Bathe in Fountains

12 September 2016

The University of Children: Their Dreams and Plans for the Future

10 September 2016

METANANO-2016: Best Reports and Future Collaboration

09 September 2016

Quantum Perspectives: Present and Future Tech

09 September 2016

Innovation Russian-Style

09 September 2016

British Royals Acknowledge Video360 Arctic Footage

09 September 2016

The Shock of the New – Latest Developments in St. Petersburg Theater Part 2

08 September 2016

METANANO-2016: Interview with Scientists

08 September 2016

Keeping Things Simple: ITMO Freshman Makes Reading English Easier

08 September 2016

Experiencing VR: A List of Apps You Might Like

08 September 2016

Unified State Exam Scores: ITMO in Top-10

07 September 2016

METANANO-2016: Danish Scientist on Reasons for Investing in Science

07 September 2016

FRUCT Conference Included in the Scimago Journal Index

07 September 2016

E-participation: UN Expert on E-Government and Civic Consciousness

07 September 2016

ITMO University Moving Up in the Rankings

06 September 2016

Unreal Fest: Latest VR and AR technologies on the Russian Market

06 September 2016

Evolution Instead of a Revolution: How Media has Changed with the Coming of New Technologies

05 September 2016

September the Zero Science Festival: Mini-University for School Kids

05 September 2016

ITMO's Research Students Develop Software for Russia's Biggest Oceanarium

05 September 2016

ITMO Scientist Makes It Into GenerationS Accelerator

05 September 2016

TopCoder Open 2016

05 September 2016

METANANO-2016 has started in Anapa, Russia

03 September 2016

Five Things We Loved Last Week

02 September 2016

10 life-hacks for Startups in the Media Market

02 September 2016

The Shock of the New – Latest Developments in St. Petersburg Theater. Part 1

01 September 2016

ITMO Student at Google Android Camp

01 September 2016

The Beginning of Student Life: The Day You’ll Always Remember

30 August 2016

From Steam Engines to Tablets: Armando Walter Colombo Talks about Cyber-Physical Systems in Modern Industry

29 August 2016

Research Performance: ITMO in Russia's Top-Ten

24 August 2016

Silicon Nanoparticles Trained to Juggle Light

18 August 2016

Summer School in Tallinn: Research Methods in Human-Computer Interaction

11 August 2016

Perseids 2016: Guide to Watching a Meteor Shower

10 August 2016

Ready to Move: Young Coders Share their Career Experience

08 August 2016

Drones at Work: Delivering Pizza, Searching for the Lost... and Dismembering Snowmen

06 August 2016

Gennady Korotkevich Wins Google Code Jam for the Third Time

29 July 2016

Webometrics: ITMO Is Making its Way to the Top

29 July 2016

Nature Index Names ITMO U as a "Rising Star"

28 July 2016

Virtual Reality Technologies: What to Expect in the Foreseeable Future?

27 July 2016

Cyborg Olympics Exploiting the Power of Technology

26 July 2016

Getting Close to Nanostructures

25 July 2016

“Open University:” BrExit, Startups and Smart Paperwork

25 July 2016

ITMO U is in the Top-10 Russian Research Universities

15 July 2016

Safe Smart Houses: Soon You Will Live in One Too

14 July 2016

Best App to Download for VKfest

11 July 2016

Science Communication With a View Over Sicily

10 July 2016

Gennady Korotkevich Takes his Winning Streak to India

04 July 2016

Graphene: Material of the Future

04 July 2016

ITMO Students are Winners at the VK Cup-2016 Championship

04 July 2016

ITMO U Coders Burst Into the Russian Media

01 July 2016

Future EdTech: To Be or Not To Be

30 June 2016

Modern Universities: How to Struggle for Leadership but Don't Lose Individuality

27 June 2016

Master's Students To Lead Future Technologies Accelerator Projects

21 June 2016

SafeNet to Control Cyber Systems

17 June 2016

Vladimir Putin Opened Plenary Session at SPIEF-2016

16 June 2016

International Economic Forum: First Events and New Agreements

13 June 2016

International Council Shares World's Best Practices

03 June 2016

ITMO University Blog is the Best in IT-Education in Habrahabr

02 June 2016

Keeping Up With ITMO University is No Easy Task

02 June 2016

ITMO University Brand Becoming Well-Known All Over The World

30 May 2016

3D-Hackathon Took Place in St. Petersburg

27 May 2016

How to Create the Best Environment to Realize the True Potential of Universities

23 May 2016

Independent Robots and Touristic Guide Presented at ITEA Event 2016

23 May 2016

Stankevich Receives ACM ICPC Senior Coach Award

17 May 2016

New Research Collaborations With US Universities

17 May 2016

Annual Report of the Most Non-Classical University

12 May 2016

ITMO University Partners With a Global Online Education Project EdX

06 May 2016

Nanophotonics and Metamaterials: New Summer School Introduces Its` Lecturers

05 May 2016

METANANO-2016 Opens Its` Doors

04 May 2016

Experts Discussed Publishing Activity of Russian Scientists at ITMO U

27 April 2016

Detecting Cancer by Analyzing Breath

22 April 2016

Computers as Friends: Cognitive Computing Hackathon held in St. Petersburg

20 April 2016

Fusing Art and Modern Technology

19 April 2016

“Nanotech Appeared at ITMO Before It Became Popular”

18 April 2016

Sensing Technologies: What Does Make Sense for the Market?

18 April 2016

More Than a Few Laughs: ITMO University Science Slam

18 April 2016

Embracing Diversity at "People of the World" Festival: ITMO Takes 3rd Place

18 April 2016

Sochi to Become a New Silicon Valley

14 April 2016


13 April 2016

Open Data for Education: ITMO Collection of Papers published by Springer

12 April 2016

Russian Scientists Develop Long-Range Secure Quantum Communication System

11 April 2016

Gennady Korotkevich Scores Big Again

11 April 2016

Academic Professorship Is Picking Up Speed

08 April 2016

ITMO Student Made It to the Top-10 Coders of Google Code Jam

07 April 2016

ITMO University in Top-200 for Teaching Quality

07 April 2016

Competitive Higher Education: Strategies, Trends and Transformations

06 April 2016

Study Abroad to Succeed in Russia

05 June 2015

Finnish experts shared their experience of successful innovations development

04 June 2015

ITMO University Enters Top 15 Russian Universities

03 June 2015

ITMO International Days

02 June 2015

International councils at universities will help Russian universities to become global

01 June 2015

Qualifying round of international championship on programming TopCoder Open took place in university

07 October 2014

Opening of the Moscow International Salon of Education

03 October 2014

ITMO University goes global!

31 August 2014

New brand of ITMO University

08 July 2014

Seven steps to success of startup from experts from Silicon Valley

07 July 2014

Start IT: Launch of the summer startup school

28 May 2014

Commencement 2014

19 May 2014

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2014

16 May 2014

Annual Contest of Graduates' Final Qualification Research Papers

14 May 2014

ITMO University Fellowship. Advance science. Change the world.

06 May 2014

Eugene Buff with a lecture "Career directions in science and business" at ITMO University

15 April 2014

Days of intellectual property in St. Petersburg

10 April 2014

Startup Sauna SumIT at the ITMO University

01 April 2014

Meeting with representatives of U.S. universities in the ITMO University

14 February 2014

The first city Olympiad on information technology and arts among students of technical universities «Aitetika»